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Cell-Gen ~ Premium Marine Collagen

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Collagen is a polymer protein and is composed of triple helix fibers. More than a third of the body's protein is collagen; indeed, Collagen constitutes 75% of our skin. Collagen is a fibrous protein constituent of skin, cartilage, bone, tooth, muscle and and other connective tissues. Collagen acts as a scaffold for our bodies, controlling cell shape and differentiation. Aging diminishes the amount of these tissues and proteins in the skin. This causes the collagen to become increasingly fibrous and inelastic; the epidermis becomes thin and fragile, collapses, and develops wrinkles. As the collagen hardens and elastic tissues diminish, the skin loosens and lines and wrinkles form. With less elasticity, collagen fibers thicken and stiffen, causing even more wrinkling and appearance of aging. Therefore supplement collagen in vitro is an extremely important way to stop skin aging and to improve appearance. 

1. Moisture-retaining and anti-wrinkle
-maintains skin elasticity, smoothens and brightness

2. Rehabilitation of the skin
-orally intake of collagen is suitable for facial wrinkles

3. Healthy hair and nails
-the key to hair health lies in the nourishment of the subcutaneous tissue in the scalp

4. Natural, abundant chest
-support human body curve, perform a perfect body shape

5.Firm Skeleton
-preventing osteoporosis and reduces pain of those who suffering from athritis

6. Weight Management
-If taken regularly, collagen can preserve and build and replenish lean muscle mass and envourage the body to shed fat. Collagen may therefore help with inch loss and cellulite.

1. Safety ( does not contain any chemical additive, is a pure natural food )
2. Modern technology-hydrolyzed collagen
3. High absorption rate by human body
4. A complete amino acid profile
5. Fat and cholesterol free
6. A high quality product from FRANCE
7. High protein content, nice taste and easy to consume

14 - 30 days: dry skin become smoother and moisturise
30 - 60 days: lighten the fine line and wrinkle, minimise pore size, skin firm and smooth
60 - 90 days: dark spot (pigment) become lighten, skin become glossy overall complexion looks great. 

How to Consume

Take 1 scoop (5-7g) at 2 times a day, to mix with juices, water, coffee, milk, etc. 
Prefer consume with empty stomach, before sleep and early morning. 
Continue on daily basis for a 3 month programme, we believe you will be surprise at the results.