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Crème Simon ~ Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist | Brightening Cleansing (150ml)

RM 160.00


Freshen up! Our alcohol-free refreshing yet hydrating Toner Mist removes last traces of make-up and impurities, for a lovely clean and dewy skin without any sticky after-feel. 

Containing the brand’s signature 100% natural active plant extracts, including Damask Rose and Jasmine, this floral toner gives your skin enhanced luminosity and clarity.

Product Highlight

  • Boost Moisturizing Efficacy: Prep skin and boosts the efficacy of active ingredients in your moisturisers. 
  • Hydrating Mist: Refreshing mist, perfect for a quick perk-me-up spray. Or mist over frizzy hair ends to tame your mane!
  • Make-up Setting Spray: Help set and give finishing touch to makeup too. 
  • Blemish Treatment: Spray and apply soaked cotton pad over blemish to calm redness No dehydrating alcohol, parabens and oil

Active Ingredients

  • Activ-Fleur Complex:An exclusive botanical elixir of 7 fresh flowers and plants, rich in active phenols and flavonoids, proven to gently brighten. 
  • Rose, Iris, and Jasmine extracts: Oxygenate and improve toxin elimination and skin cell renewal for luminosity and clarity.
  • Wheat Oligosaccharides Complex: Boosts brightening efficacy through reduction of skin pigmentation and melanogenesis inhibition.

How to Use

Toner: Spray on cotton pad to cleanse face.

Hydrating mist: Spray liberally over face, neck and body.

Set makeup: Mist face at arm's length.


Aqua (water), peg-6 caprylic/capric glycerides, pentylene glycol, glycerin, sodium citrate, ethyl lauroyl arginate hcl, parfum (fragrance)*, citric acid, hydrolyzed wheat flour, iris pallida leaf cell extract, jasminum sambac (jasmine) leaf cell extract, rosa damascena leaf cell extract, linalool, benzyl salicylate, coumarin, limonene.