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Immogen ~ Natural Plant Food Immune Modulator

RM 192.00


Immogen 3 in 1 Solution:

  1. Modulate Immune Function Naturally – Suppresses inflammatory  cytokines without over suppressing immune defence to reduce inflammation.
  2. Frontline Antioxidant Defence – Protect against Free Radical Cell Damage at Cellular level to reduce inflammation and enhance cell function.
  3. Builds up Immune Defences without over stimulation – helps our body to heal and reduce recurrent infections.

Immogen Treatment Response Goal:

  1. Relieve of Inflammatory Symptoms
  2. Minimize Organ Damage
  3. Enhance Immune Defences

Whats Inside?

  • Immogen sachet is available in 5 grams x 30 sachets per box

How to Consume

Sachet: Mix one to two sachets in room temperature water before consuming for oral sachet drink. Consume 2 – 6 sachets a day or as advised by your healthcare consultant.